Bigly #s you need to know

Walmart annual sales are $495B ($318B of that in the USA).

-- 18,000 vendors are selling on Walmart Marketplace with 6,500 selling $2M+ / year 

-- recently acquired 77% of India's Flipkart for $16B

Amazon GMV is $186B in 2017, up from $141B a year earlier.

-- 20,000 vendors are selling $1M+ / year on

-- 5M sellers, growing by 100,000 each month!

-- GMV estimated at $280B in 2018

Shopify has 600,000 merchants with stores running it's platform, up 100% since 2014

-- GMV $26B

-- 3,600 Shopify Plus merchants (B2B sales)

-- 4,500 top merchants doing $100M+ each

Magento Commerce

-- $101B GMV

-- recently acquired by Adobe

Here's a great article by tech crunch:

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Bigly #s you need to know

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