How to get wholesale orders online

So you're an established wholesale company selling by the case or pallet (even the truckload). Don't be mistaken and think that eCommerce is just for Amazon sellers and single unit B2C orders. In fact, wholesale orders account for TWICE AS MUCH as consumer orders online! That's right, B2B is 2x B2C.

Think online is just for consumers no more! Don't have your company's tradition be missing out on monetizing eCommerce. Your competitors are getting your orders.

One of the most effective ways of targeting and converting bulk orders by the case, is to have your product database designed to work online just as your sales reps have manually quoted and closed orders for decades. The answer - tiered pricing that shows the right products at the right prices to the right customers ... and the right minimum quantities.

Your website, (or group of sites), should emulate your key business processes. Specifically, your product and customer database architecture, must facilitate how you've been processing orders by phone and at trade shows. Your custom business processes, incorporated with today's eCommerce best practices is the most powerful way to gain new customers. Target your ideal customer profiles, while not affecting margins or confusing the market or other sales channels and retail partners. 

Some eCommerce platforms allow for effective tiered pricing and business process rules better than others, while some are simply not scalable. Having the right eCommerce platform, and a sound product data feed (aka API) strategy, with the ability to swiftly execute will be a key to success in 2017 and beyond.

Stop wondering. Stop missing out. GET ANSWERS TODAY with a complimentary eCommerce Technology Review by Mynt Partners.

Rob Duxter

President & CEO Business analyst, strategist & traveler.

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