How to Setup Google Analytics

We discover that 90% of the time - GA IS NOT SETUP CORRECTLY. It is the single biggest reason for missing out on sales. A properly configured GA on any e-Commerce site is a KEY TO SUCCESS.

I am constantly AMAZING & SHOCKED at how often we meet e-Commerce business owners who are unaware of GA and it's incredible power and necessity for success. This often stems from their website administrator or out-sourced "IT guy" simply not living up to best practices. 

The first key is to ensure your Google Analytics is setup to correctly track all of the metrics required for your online success. There is no turning back the clock here, so GA will only gather and report on data from the point in time from which it is properly configured. This data is used to draw statistical and factual insights to guide you on the best actions to optimally manage your site. 

So how do you know if your GA is setup correctly? Here are the first few items to check that your GA has:

  • Tracking codes setup
  • Account/Property/View level configurations & controls
  • Data Integrity (e.g. filtering out bots or traffic from within your organization)
  • Goals setup (e.g. a sale, file download, e-mail address provided, etc.)
  • Sales funnel setup (at what stage are you losing people?)

This one blog post is not enough to cover every possible nuance of setting up Google Analytics (GA) properly. Fortunately, the talented folks over at Google and MOZ have a tonne of helpful information available online. Here's a couple of great links to start learning about Google Analytics:

Feel free to drop us a line, as our team of digital marketers have 20,000+ man-hours of experience working within Google Analytics! Let's get yours setup correctly.

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