What's an Online Marketing Review?

We've established a process to help eCommerce managers and business owners identify online opportunities within their industry and product categories. 

An OMR for your website, keywords and competitors, is the first step required to turn data into actionable insights

Our team, including dedicated Google staff, invest 30+ hours and take a holistic view of how you can be more effective amidst today's fierce online competition. At the end, what you get is a 20+ page Blueprint that identifies the Next Best Actions to grow your online sales in 2017. 

Why you need an OMR:

  • COMPETITION:  Identify what your competitors are doing online
  • KEYWORDS:  Discover your top keywords
  • TRAFFIC:  Know exactly how many people are searching for your products 
  • WEBSITE:   Outline improvements for your website 
  • GA:  Get your Google Analytics setup correctly. 90% of sites aren't.
  • KPIs: Learn the best metrics that drive growth - know your numbers

This 20+ page blueprint outlines exactly what is happening for your products ONLINE. Who's selling them? Who's getting the traffic? How are your competitors doing it? How many orders are you missing out on each month?

All of this strategic insight is delivered to you in a 1 hour conference call, and PDF presentation.  

Here's a couple of sample slides from the presentation below.

Dan Sachdev

Dedicated Raptors fan. 

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